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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cassinos em Las Vegas

Mais uma vez estou de volta aos EUA. Após 4 semanas novamente ministrando o treinamento Accenture Delivery Fundamentals: Java (agora na versão 2.0), estou de férias durante 9 noites em Las Vegas.
Coisas que gostei: Como sempre, compras. Tudo nos EUA é muito mais barato do que no Brasil. Tem também muitos shows legais na Strip.
Coisas que não gostei: Sinceramente não consegui entender essa compulsão que as pessoas tem pelo jogo... Agora que a informática dominou tudo e todos, os jogos em Las Vegas ficaram bastante informatizados, o que quebra um pouco o propósito de vir para cá para jogar. Você pode fazer a mesma coisa em casa, com seus amigos, ou no computador, economizando (ou jogando) todo o dinheiro que teria que pagar em gorjetas. Sem contar que é possível jogar muito mais mãos no computador do que numa mesa física em um casino.
De qualquer maneira, eu recomendo, mesmo se não for jogar nada (como consegui fazer até o momento). Existem muitas atracões gratuitas nas ruas e lojas e outlets para as compras que mencionei antes e acaba saindo muito mais barato vir para ca do que ir até a Europa. Ou vá para Miami e Orlando, a diversão vai ser muito bacana também.
Um abraço,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Travel needs - Luggage

You always need a good travel backpack or bag. I prefer backpacks myself. I don't care much for the wheels. They disturb me more than they help.

I currently have a 18L backpack which is great - it's a rockrider s.i.x. from B'Twin: http://www.btwincycle.com/EN/waterbag-s-i-x-2009-68674662/. It is great and all, with a lot of pockets, but the capacity is too small for my needs.

Now I'm looking for this one: http://cabinmaxluggage.co.uk/?p=6 Review here: Cabin Max, the biggest hand luggage

I was also looking for a Pelican 1510, but it's too heavy, and even though it is the maximum allowed size, it can only carry 26L ! Big on the outside and crazy durable, but just too small on the long term.

Cabin Max looks like a winner !

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Just do it

Have you ever felt that you could accomplish more whe the day is over? Or when you forgot to call that person you've been meaning to, and when you review your day, you could really have made the time to?

So I tell you: JUST DO IT!

Don't leave it for later. Don't write a note (you're just going to lose it anyway). Either keep a paper planner, or an online one, but for all that is holy, stick to it. Make it dependable. Actually do the things you say you'll do. You'll fell empowered, people will depend on you, you will keep your promises, without breaking a sweat (or almost - life is hard :-P )

Case in question
My brother's computer broke down, and since I "work in IT", I tried taking a look at it. I couldn't fix it, so I called him and gave him the bad news. He also mentioned to me that he needed an additional PC for his business. So I remembered an old friend that had some PCs to sell. I said I would call him and get back to him;

So I call this old friend, who I haven't spoken to in a while, and he was delighted to get my call. I told hither situation, and he could hook me up with the PCs I needed. He also mentioned he wasn't terribly happy with the place he was working in, and that he needed to learn English to have better opportunities. So I said I knew somebody that I could talk to that could maybe get him a discount in an English school. And I promise him to stop by his house on Sunday, to see him and get the PCs.

Immediately after that, I send an email to a contact I have in my company that can get him an interview, then I send another email to the English school's guy that I know. If those two things work out, great!

So you see, in a short time I could get a lot accomplished, but just doing it and not leaving it for later and open to being forgotten.

If a task is to small to write down, or is just a phone call, do it right away. You will see that you will make the time to work in all the other stuff, too.

Good luck!

Monday, January 03, 2011

First Post

Wow, this is the first post in 6 years !

I've set up this blog, but I've never actually used it. Maybe now, with the new year, I can set a new year resolution of starting posting.

What will I talk about ? I have many insterests, mainly: Time Management, Enterpreneurship, training, recruiting, Project Management, Java, eletronics and microcontrollers, Personal Finance, the Stock Market, so keep posted.

Happy new year to all !